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Southern Shifter Royals Special Edition Paperback Bundle

Southern Shifter Royals Special Edition Paperback Bundle

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Sprayed Edges

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Dragons and witches weren't meant to mix...


Book Description

The Curse of the Dragon

Dragons and witches weren't meant to mix...I've never fit in. All my life I've lived in the shadow of my perfect parents, with their perfect magical gifts.

A fact solidified when they use me to bargain for peace and I'm offered to a mad prince of a dragon in matrimony. Ever the dutiful daughter, I pack my bags and go to meet my fate.

However, he takes one look at me and rejects me as well, and in the worst way possible. Now I'm fed up, angry and would do just about anything to strike back at him.

Including his twin...But one touch from the Dragon spare and my world is thrown into chaos.

Get ready. This ugly duckling story is a high heat wild ride that includes mating heat, knotting, wayward barbs, and a curse that REALLY cannot be broken.

The Soul of the Dragon

She's the fae princess he's hunting...and the weakness he didn't see coming.

As the stepdaughter of the fae King, I am fair game for an arranged marriage. Even one made in hell. But when my stepfather chooses me to replace my mother--I told him I'd rather die. I guess wishes do come true because he had my magic bound and then threw me into the dungeon.

Until I escaped. But a fae with no magic is nothing and I'll do anything to get mine back. But as fate would have it — I’m being hunted by two very different dragons…and there is only one thing left to do...

I killed my father to get here, and now I’m stuck in the Fae realm where nothing is as it seems. I’ve traveled beyond the ends of the earth in search of an amulet able to break an unbreakable curse. Now I've struck a deal with a king who can't be trusted. I'll find his missing princess because all that matters is getting my life back.

Instead I find a complication. A tiny beast hiding in the dark forest who fights like hell and smells like home. There is no way I can be mated to a Fae. We are from different worlds, and I’m going back to mine—alone.

All I have to do is keep my barb away from her. But if I didn’t know better, I’d swear she is an—omega.

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The Curse of the Dragon

The Soul of the Dragon

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